Shelties and breeding. I got my first sheltie in 2000. At that time they showed 'The Lion King' in the cinemas so the name of our first sable sheltie was easily found: Simba. Simba was followed by Timon, Rafiki and Kiara. With Kiara (Tiakina Th Dream Goes On, bred by Carol Watson and imported from Australia) I had three litters under the kennel name Sheltie Kings. The last litter so far was by Kiara's daughter Noa.

In September 2021 I welcomed Jentl (Ellenyorn Elvira, bred by Isobel Elder and imported from Scotland).


I showed a lot with Simba and Kiara and just started to show Jentl. You can meet me at shows as an exhibitor, a steward, a visitor or as a judge. I am licensed to judge Shetland Sheepdogs (FCI 88), Rough Collies (FCI 156) and Smooth Collies(FCI 296) and really enjoying this. So far I had the pleasure to judge in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Australia and of course the Netherlands. 


Talking and writing about shelties. I love talking and writing about shelties and dogs in general. I regularly write for the Sheltie Shelter, the magazine of the Dutch Sheltie Club, but also on my website I like to publish about my beloved breed. From 2002-2006 I published a number of World Breeders portraits on the kennels Tiakina, Francehill, Leeland, Shemaur and Lythwood. You can read them by clicking on the articles above. I also published two articles during the round of the years 2008 and 2009, duo portraits with Dina Korna (Scandyline)/ Malcolm Hart (Hartmere) and Sissel Tangnes (Mellsjogda)/Michael Ewing (Sommerville).

Please also find an article about wondergirl Leanda Loosemore (2004 - now Leanda Forbes) and a more recent article on Bethia Bubniw (Melwest Kennels), who I met when I judged in Australia.

There are more articles to come, so watch this site.