Shelties and breeding. We got our first sheltie in 2000. At that time they showed 'The Lion King' in the cinemas and so the name of our first sable sheltie was easily found: Simba. Simba was followed by Timon, Rafiki and Kiara. At this moment only Kiara is with us. Kiara was born in Australia at kennel Tiakina (Carol Watson). She is thirteen years old right now. With Kiara we had three litters under the kennel name Sheltie Kings. The last litter so far under the kennel name Sheltie Kings was by Kiara's daughter Noa.


Shows/judge. We showed a lot with Simba and Kiara and although these time have gone, you can frequently find me at shows. As a visitor, working in the ring or as a judge. I am licensed to judge Shetland Sheepdogs (FCI 88), Rough Collies (FCI 156) and Smooth Collies(FCI 296) and really enjoying this. So far I had the pleasure to judge in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Australia and of course the Netherlands. 


Talking and writing about shelties. I love talking and writing about shelties and dogs in general. I regularly write for the Sheltie Shelter, the magazine of the Dutch Sheltie Club, but also on my website I like to publish about my beloved breed. From 2002-2006 I published a number of World Breeders portraits on the kennels Tiakina, Francehill, Leeland, Shemaur and Lythwood. You can read them by clicking on the articles above. I also published two articles during the round of the years 2008 and 2009, duo portraits with Dina Korna (Scandyline)/ Malcolm Hart (Hartmere) and Sissel Tangnes (Mellsjogda)/Michael Ewing (Sommerville).

Please also find an article about wondergirl Leanda Loosemore (2004 - now Leanda Forbes) and a more recent article on Bethia Bubniw (Melwest Kennels), who I met when I judged in Australia.

There are more articles to come, so watch this site.